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Stuck in the Middle With You.

Stuck in the Middle With You.

Well not exactly stuck in the middle with you but stuck in the middle with me. The current self stuck between the past self and the future self and having a bit of a rough time of it. There are no obvious outward signs of this unless lack of momentum can be detected, an object at rest. Everything appears the same as yesterday or the week before or even the year before. I will have to admit my middle is a bit more middler than in the past and there appear to be more bills than actual paychecks but I am reliably informed that’s a universal state of affairs.

Its not an old fashioned mid life crisis as I think at my age I have probably passed the half way point did not get a fancy sports car or started following #1 sons fashion tastes  I did however rant and rave and stamp my feet and start this Bio Blog that I have been suspiciously absent from. I tell myself SEE I DONE STUFF! I had a life, I got where I was going even though I had no Idea where that was. Its here on the Prairies and its a holding pattern So Whats Next. Why This inertia why does a day seem to last for ever and years fly by.

Well its the middle isn’t it there are few things that are any good in the middle. Well i’m assuming its the middle but its just as likely the start or the end its hard to say and i guess at the heart of things that’s the problem. Is my jar of Marmite big enough?


Don’t worry I am not going to blather on about Marmite but if you want you can click on the photo and find out what I have to say on the subject.

So how did I get stuck in the middle?


Maybe I was stuck in the middle from an early age, maybe this is an early sign that I was always going to be searching for alternative ways of doing things.

So Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right here I am.

That clown the past me thought it would be a jolly wheeze to not bother getting a degree in something useful or coming up with some brilliant entrepreneurial schemes to make millions. Oh no he thought he would waltz around pointing cameras at things and spending money on beer and other stuff. Getting married to a beautiful women and having fantastic kids  with no real plan how he was going to pay for university and stuff. He didn’t even have the sense to have stupid kids. So here I am day after day having to pay for it all getting up every morning and dragging myself to work with nothing left to show for it other than a pile of paid bills and some very expensive sneakers I fall over every evening when I come in. Because for some unknown reason they are jammed behind the door or perched on the stair case. Now maybe its a plan to put me in an early grave; to get hold of my remaining money. Which I am sad to say is carefully jammed into a savings plan that pretends to be a pension but is more like a yo-yo . Thanks to the stock market and o% interest savings schemes.

And that neatly brings me to the Joker on the right, the future self. He is laughing his arse off. he is sitting there on the veranda of his beech cottage in the tropics drinking rum cocktails and eating BBQ and planning interesting afternoons with his beautiful bikini clad  wife. Oh and it gets worse  every now and again he receives a royalty cheques for  a series of internationally best selling novels, Novels I had to bloody well write. To add insult to injury this joker is wasting my savings on god knows what foolishness.

So there you have it the heavy lifting is in the middle, and if I am going to learn the lessons taught me by my past self. I better get on with  finishing my novel ,paying the mortgage,educating the kids and saving so the future self wont be disappointed.

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