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This was then, This is now.

This was then, This is now.

So had it changed, The Philippines my Wife’s home town. Of course it had. For the better or for the worse? Its hard to say but Its probably just right; just right for the me that is me. Or the me that is going to be me if you see what I am saying.

So what started this why the heck did I get so captured by the Philippines. Stupid question relay I got captured by a very silly woman who took a shine to me (who wouldn’t). Here she is.  I bought the ticket and got on the plane to visit even though I had no reply saying she would be at the airport to pick me up or even that my presence was require. I am a bit like that.

That’s her with the perm and the Mango ears.

So what does 25 years change look like, I sort of know as  the good lady wife traveled home every year or two returning with pictures and videos (You have probably seen my blogs, well probably not) but I had to visit, there are certain things that can only be experienced, lived, remembered, field tested and the like.

Alona Kew White beach first, and I was pretty ahead of the curve here pre Instagram etc. Pre tourism actually that’s the boat me and the wife hired for the morning 1995,

and that’s 2019.

What else changed well, without being indelicate I did.

That’s me in the middle. and that’s me with a middle. I would like to point out that the silly kids cycle helmet actually makes me look sillier than I normally look (Honest) I reckon it adds a whole 10lb to 20lb to the photo.


Transport sort of changed but I prefer the old school Bangka took them in preference so here is a before and after, the modern one is the one that exploded and drifted off down the coast  but hey I am all about the adventure.




 Biasong spring well not going to show you what happend this time, pretty crap typical disaster by the locals.  Here instead is a moonlight boat trip on the way back from Biasong 1995. These gents are what I believe are called my posse or entourage, more of them later.


You can see the wife’s mind working here, all those trips she took in the name of recon, idea pinching etc have started to pay off, you will recognize this, sorry forgot no one reads my blog.




And here they are my friends who keep us safe when we visit, not all are still around but I love them all. ( The wife also has her Class Mates a huge bunch of awesome people, but if I need keeping out of trouble well these are the guys.)



So here we are last night 2019 still helping me stay drunk and out of trouble, All the best until the next time….


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