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# 1 Son thinks it’s Funny!

# 1 Son thinks it’s Funny!

Merry Christmas and what I am hoping is going to be a Happy New Year. # 1 Son thinks it is funny, I am going to try to finish my long awaited book. No not that one or the other one but the one that is Fantasy Fiction. ” The Dark Antiquarian” . # 1 son has no respect for any of my attempts?  No he will not edit, no he will not help with the play , maybe the film script somewhere down the line. For some reason he seems to think to be a writer you actually have to finish a book. Poppycock I say. Where does he get this from? # 1 son at University year 3  Professional Communications, writing, editing and goodness knows what. My story telling. No surely not, but I have to admit he does stand up and is irreverent of me.I was OK, but in early December he rolled my pride and joy , rolled over in the snow and crushed it beyond , well beyond. Yes they are OK, his beat friend and the surprise  puppy for Christmas, Grace I love her but Collie, German Sheppard & Mastiff.Grace 3 months old


Well what else has happend in glorious 2018, well # 1 Daughter graduated high school and got a place at Grant Mc Ewan university and is doing a BA, undeclared Major yet but probably Psychology, Sociology or Anthropology.




I had Santa send me a prezzie via Amazon and for some reason it was stolen off the door step so they sent me another, Someone is going to be very surprised.

Economics for the Meny


Talking of pressies I was attempting  a Birthday blog and I tracked down some of my recent presents to myself well going back to about 1978, not in any particular order and excluding the ones I drank or ate.


So it only remains to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Family 2018




2 Responses to “# 1 Son thinks it’s Funny!”

  1. Carol/ Mark says:

    Great photos. Lovely to see what is happening with you all.
    Hope you had a good Xmas and happy New Year to you all

    • putp1put39 says:

      Merry Christmas and all that. Following the Uk politics never seen such a shambles. Hope it turns out ok. Mind you everywhere looks to be having its own cock ups, I hope I still get to retire somewhere sometime lol.