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Its Wet, very Wet, 54 days of summer rain Wet!

Its Wet, very Wet, 54 days of summer rain Wet!

We did have 3 days sunshine. Fortunately the three days we went camping. The rest of the time the weather has drowned my tomatoes, Chilies and hot peppers and high winds snapped the branches so had to make chili curry chutney. Various levels of spice all the way to scotch bonnets so not all is lost.


  Written absolutely nothing but have just finished the adjustments to my new Antique Oak writing station and have a new Bluetooth keyboard, just need to update the wheels to brass and porcelain, currently 1970 hostess trolley wheels.



New old truck making me very happy. Truck version of the ZR 2 4 x 4 SUV my son rolled. 31″ x 10.5″x 15″ BF Goodrich all-terrain Tyres, 4″ lift and 3″ wider than stock track axles    ( Hence the wide Fender flares) positrack locking diff, Bilstine off road shocks from the factory 4.3l V6.  nice exhaust, sounds the part, especially when you put your foot down oh and Bright Red, Victory Red.



#1 Daughter starts year 2 of her Degree #1 Son starts year 4.


And that’s about that, hope everyone is well and things are going to plan. ( Actually thinking about it i did write 490 words in the last chapter of the book. Shame I haven’t done the middle bit or I would have finished by now. Oh well best laid pans……

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice one Rich. Glad all is well over there.