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Alive and Kicking.

Alive and Kicking.

So here I sit Alive and Kicking, Double Vaccinated and long missing from my social media profiles. Well lots have gone on # one wife has a YouTube channel see social media Icons and I have added my Flickr which in all honesty was already available and my second Flickr account and Instagram iPhone photography really.



Well this is last year, as we have not got to Christmas yet. # one Daughter in year three of here degree, # one son has decided to give up on his Degree(Hopefully only temporally),  he has moved out with some comedy friends and is perusing Stand Up Comedy as a career. Who am I to say whether its a good Idea or not I always suspected my life to be a bit of a comedy act. Grace is 3 and Diego is about 10 as far as we can tell.

so let the Comedy Commence.


NaNoWriMo, remember that thing I was dubious about well as therapy and my doctor tells me I need lots I have signed up for 50,000 words during November. As everything else has stalled why not start another book. (LOL). “The Last Kiss” A YA historical Fiction Novella of all things. The plan to catapult me back into the writing habit and complete the second half of my Magnus Opus and, well and.

And what am I listening too all recent purchases from 1001 Albums things I missed along the way. Not sure if they are a good background, soundtrack for a Historical novella base in 16C Istanbul but what is?





All a bit noisy would be my guess. I shall post weekly accounts of my progress and the words I have written and not worry too much about the ones I have not. Have had big hits on my Blog recently can only assume its an error, lots of redirections and such but the world moves mysteriously. Comments are off because I can’t figure how to switch them back on. But the contact in the main Menu gets to me fine. Oh yes if accidentally visiting and want to find out how NaNoWriMo is going subscribe. Any encouragement at this point will help me remain compost Mantis as they say.


One Response to “Alive and Kicking.”

  1. Mark says:

    Hi buddy – glad to see you are all well and looking fabulous. Next stop….retirement. Hopefully speak soon.