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The Funky Nomad

15 -19         Rise and Dear Demise,

           The life and times of a Funky Nomad.

          You may be wondering what it looked like all these years? What did I see? What music were we listening to and what were the big events? What was it like from the inside? Maybe even  what did you look like? What ideas were on the Rise and which of my various plans met there Dear Demise along the way. You may even wonder what do I look like now and what has been going on since I was last on your radar (If indeed I ever was).

    So having spent a number of years pointing cameras @ Things, People and Places I thought it was time to empty the boxes of Penguins. Plug in the Film Scanner load some Vinyl on the turntable (well Cd’s, sold the Vinyl in a rash moment of stupidity. Will currently sell my soul for a copy of “Shades of a Blue Orphanage” by Thin Lizzy and where the hell do I get an Eddie Prevost Album?)

Don’t worry if you don’t appear in the picture maybe you were smart enough to be just outside the frame.It’s possible your story will be here in a different format all-together; maybe you were the guy with the Malteasers ……….