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Cry Freedom, Cry Freedom 60!

Cry Freedom, Cry Freedom 60!

Mad professor here, Cry FREEDOM I say cry Freedom 60. Well it seemed like a great idea last Christmas, and is still a great idea but I came back to CANADA and the dream started to slip away as if it was beer fumed illusions.  No I don’t think so, I blame Langy, its always his fault.

Canada does not like LANGY very much, apparently very annoying and Bolshy. NOT only does Canada not like him my family is a bit resistant. The change back to Richard was very bumpy. Management gave me a good kicking when i was down, I cant remember lots the Family had to send me to Hospital in an Ambulance as I unraveled. 

I hung on to myself and reckon Richard can also hanker after Freedom 60. Even though it looks like Freedom 65 or even as Interest rates sky rocket and the Inflation inflates and the wages stagnates and the profits rise, Climates destabilases and Apocoliptic portents stack one on another. ( And they want me to stop drinking LOL) I am wondering if all we have to look forward to is Freedom 80 all done and Lights out.

Loving Family


Well here they are and you can see Langy (Pip) peering over my shoulder. However Having lost My # 1 Lab Technician to a much better job he has been replaced with a very fine individual also of the Gan Z who has actually written a 147,000 word Epic Fantasy Novel if you can believe it.

Now not to put too fine a point on it I felt very embarrassed and my creative hat came out and I volunteered to Beta read. (Foolish I know but lightning strikes)

Funnily enough I also discovered another employee builds 40K so , and and people (Well sisters-in-law started demanding my cooking.) I also bought a fantastic 50mm lenses for My Olympus very fast 1.8f and normally $599 . so it appears the unconscious and some times invisible me is actually a Chef, Writer, Photographer, Raconteur, Antique dealer & Mad Professor. Just the man to be involved in the worlds, well Sheffield’s most potentially Awesome pop up Venue ,eatery gallery and Watering hole. etc. So just need to win the LOTTERY.





With this in mind and 59 Birthday approaching Leo and I are committed to A UK visit around my 60th, So one year to finish my book gather up the money and learn how to play the Bass now I have forgotten.  Definitely sorted out the Compost bit Mantis will work on the rest diligently.

I think I may try a Norse persona see how that goes Riker Lanksfijord. Sounds about right.

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