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Drinking Flying Squirrels!

Drinking Flying Squirrels!

Sitting in the Laundromat drinking Flying Squirrels would normally indicate the summer is here and I am perched in the Rocky Mountains camping, walking and frantically camering. As it happens I am not drinking Flying Squirrels and am there fore not in the Rockies.

Unfortunately that non- statement, statement is the only way I can explain the last few months or more exactly, December 28th 2015 to December 28th 2016. That’s the dates between which I wrote nothing, not a word in my novel and only two post on this here Bio Blog. The fact that I can now happily contemplate Flying Squirrels is in fact a good sign. That I am blogging away with little hope of being heard is strangely calming. Oh I still occasionally give my blog address to some one on the odd occasion I peer out from the silence.

You see I turned off the voices in my head.

No, No, don’t picnic sorry panic; not those sort of voices. The Narrator Voice remember the one I credit with all the ramblings on this blog and the world building in the novel and the life  building in life. You know that day to day stuff that stretches out to make a life time. Together with  the general background noise of existence  and  the anxiety of reality makes for a deafening non-functioning roar. A garbled sense of conversations from the bottom of the swimming pool.  So click, you switch it all off, Yesterday & Tomorrow ™ and you do Today only Today.

When the background sounds of interference and static finally ebb as they undoubtedly will if you take the proper steps, the world lazily blooms back into focus and voila!  There is room to contemplate the what if once more, the Narrator wakes up refreshed and timidly service is resumed. The trapped self once again races out into the world and reconnects the pathways and breaths a sigh of contentment.



While I was gone lots of wonderful things have happened the good Lady wife turned into a fantastic photographer Instagramer and image editor. In fact I have stolen a lot of the imagery from here photo files. see we have 500 gb each on a hard drive for our imagery. Mine fills slowly and hers at a pace, she is miraculously recording all our days while I capture a reflection of anonymity ever now and again.


High School Graduation


# 1 son graduated High School and got accepted at Grant McEwan University in the Bachelor of Communications course. Which I am very impressed with.



My daughter continues to grow smarter and more beautiful every day and gets grades  that reach the stratosphere and beyond. We Art we craft we write and she has had here 16th Birthday and boy are they loud I mean really loud, louder than Motorhead.

And that’s about it for now, what have I managed to achieve during this time? That remains to be seen, every day I am certain I achieved something worth while, it will all add up in my favour sooner or later.

2 Responses to “Drinking Flying Squirrels!”

  1. Mark says:

    Very good, but get a Facebook presence and you instantly become more integrated

  2. Mark says:

    By the way it isn’t 3.43am it’s 9.43 am by GMT!