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In Out In Out Shake it all about.

In Out In Out Shake it all about.

So am I realy going to bang on about the mysteries of the Oaky Cokee? Possibly but not realy, Is it a mysterious reference to BREXIT ? Possibly, possibly not. Is it a conversation about closets,water and otherwise; could be all of these things and none of these things. It could be about taking the Red pill or the Blue pill.

Yes that’s it lets talk about the Red pill and the Blue pill (If for some unknown reason you have never seen The Matrix you might need to go watch it and then come back, I will be waiting).

Took the red pills once and I must admit they work a treat, they would have worked better if the person they had been prescribed to had actually took them but you can’t help some people. As for the Blue pill, well what the hell am I going to do with a four hour erection? I mean I have approximately 32 minuets and 20 seconds of innovative caring and well practiced moves that I have never had any complaints about. I am not convinced anything I would come up with after that would be entirely sensible or welcome. I do have  a little voice at the back of my head who wants to shout Geronimo and leap of the top of the wardrobe but I have a feeling that may end in disaster or at least a trip to the hospital.

So this business about being in or out of the Closet. Makes perfect sense to me obviously in the closet you have the possibility of Narnia or maybe Monsters but its probably pretty safe if you have marauding house jackers or some such. Out of the closet seems perfectly fine too. I grew up with a number of friends who turned out to be no longer in the closet and I can only say that seems like a perfectly sensible solution to the inability to make head nor tails of girls, women, mothers and the female gender of any type. In fact I have it on good authority that I was considered to be very likely to be in the closet one minuet and out the next and that’s perfectly OK by me. Back then and to be honest even today everything seems to be a mystery and one thing as likely as the next, I have a feeling that had I chosen something else men would have been completely unfathomable as well. So a conscious decision was made to understand me, be completely honest and unlikely as it may seem what you see is what you get (and then some)and it only remained to say yes to those who appeared interested and it has buy and large worked out pretty well.

So what happens when you can no longer see you, when the world changes so dramatically you no longer recognize it. Of course everything is still there but you no longer seem to have the instruction book no longer recognize the signpost, the voices around you speak in tongues you can’t decipher. Well it’s bloody scary is what it is, it’s paralyzing, time for auto pilot, lights are on but no body is home.

Hang on a Minuit I hear someone tapping on the window—-



Yes, Yes now I remember put my mind to ideas and make them reality, got it. So some ideas picked up here and there, some feelings that are re-emerging, some frightening and some transcending.

  • The end of something is truly the start of something else.
  • I don’t need to own anything else I appear to have all I will ever need.
  • For the Father Nothing (Dune)
  • The world has professed to run on Smart, its clearly not working so maybe the world should run on Dumb (or vice versa)
  • I am constantly being told by social media that I am privileged. That anyone is finding it harder than i am right now is thoroughly horrifying.
  • Shrink your goals to the realistic, help your family and community and resign yourself to peace.
  • Like Father, Like Daughter.
  • Going for a Curry can make everything right again.

Listening to Moby 18 it was randomly picked by #1 daughter, so I leave you with.


People they come together People fall apart No one can stop us now cause we are all made of stars.



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