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Diego Adventure Dog

Diego Adventure Dog

This year there is a new member of our Tribe, a 2 and a 1/2 year old Yorkshire  Terrier called Diego. We haven’t had a dog before and my Daughter has been pleading with me for a very long time. So when a late afternoon e-mail from a work colleague popped up saying there was a free Yorkshire Terrier up for grabs my reply was in the milliseconds and Yay I was first in line and long story short a couple of days later we had a dog, I was sold at Yorkshire so I suppose its a good job he is not a Yorkshire Rottweiler or Hippo or anything else on the large side. I should have had no fear of standing or sitting on him as he pays special attention to that sort of thing and gives a good bark on most occasions however he does sneak up behind me in stealth mode when I am cooking  and is pretty used the me screaming W.T.F Diego. He now makes sure he is under the chair or kitchen table when he is sneaking about.

Now I am not his actual official photographer that job I leave to  the Good Lady Wife who has an amazing amount of images of daily life recording all sorts of things, so much so that I think I am going to have to borrow a few for some articles to come. And its my own fault as I only unleash my camera when on a mission which is why my i phone 5c and Instagram has changed me reminded me there are always opportunities for outstanding images.

So how was Diego going to get on camping in the Rockies? How far and how fast would his terrier legs go before someone had to carry him. Well the answer to that is a bloody long way and at a faster pace than I usually go. So he was re-christened  Diego Adventure Dog, he also masquerades as Sheriff Diego and his brave Palomino horse Winifred there is a whole song and everything to go with it, its the sort of thing that happens in our household.




Here we are at Horseshoe Lake, he has no fear of heights can jump from rocks cross streams and generally have a great time. He was most in danger when he insisted on saying hello to the fish in the lake, he has a similar reaction to the goldfish at home especially if I am talking to them and ignoring him. I will leave you with a little slide show to be getting on with.  As I have to start work on my 1985 LangScapes as I am a bit behind in my scanning and planning of my retrospective.



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  1. Mark Needham says:

    Very cute !

  2. putp1put39 says:

    Yes, so far he has the top post this quater with 14 views.