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Bleaklow & The Rambling man

Bleaklow & The Rambling man

So the Rambling man returns,climbing his way back on to the interweb and this here Bio-Blog. The Funky Nomad is revealed as no other than…… Now hang on there a tic, maybe just because I have told the Old Man and his friends where to find my Ramblings is no reason to actually come clean. Well I hope not because I like being one of the many alternative me’s out there, where would we all be if along our journey we were not allowed to re-invent ourselves now and again. I had thought to mysteriously reinvent myself as the West Riding Tyke but I have already offered that to a friend should he ever become a radio presenter.

Some of you may have spotted the overuse of the word Rambling, not just in this post but posts leading up to this and if you read other posts you may discover words foreshadowing posts to come and why not as it usually takes a year or so for all the pieces to come together. This one in particular has had a longer birth than most it has been probably up to 80 years in its making. Allow me to take you on a journey that ended up here at the bridge with ‘No Berries on the Tree’.




So without further ado I will turn you over to the antics of these four merry men, now I am not claiming that they have as much fun as Compo,Clegg, Foggy and Wally but I have my suspicions. From left to right we have Peter, Malcolm, My Old man and Robin. Like me but in an old school way they mark there passing through the world with a bound journal each year edited and prepared by Malcolm. So here is my Old Mans explanation of what they are doing at the foot of Jacobs ladder.





On August the 20th the gang of four the two Peters, Malcolm and Robin set off from Barber Booth to walk to Harvey’s Rowan Tree planted by his friends in 1995.

Although the tree looked very healthy, mysteriously NO RED BERRIES!

We couldn’t understand this as similar trees lower down the track were laden with fruit,we decided it was a case for Alan Titchmarsh.

( And so it should be, I myself probably think the question should also posed the to Charlie Dimmoch if she is not too busy getting the allotment crowd all riled up. But I have heard that you need both a boy and a girl Rowan tree to get berries but what do I know. For years being misled as to the colorful nature of the various tup marks of the local sheep,it took me 49 years to figure that out but I must admit to having two beautiful children so I can’t be that confused.)

The tree is planted in a beautiful position just before the path becomes very steep, leading up to the Kinder Downfall.

Malcolm was testing our knowledge of Kinder by asking us to name the various rock formations on Kinder Edge, needless to say we failed miserably.

We didn’t tackle the steep section but it didn’t stop Peter T telling everyone who was aiming for the top how windy it was on kinder edge.

They seemed very impressed that four elderly men had tackled such a steep climb, if only they knew the truth.


Now my Old Man should have some Idea what the various rock formations are called, he has the credentials and I have followed in the family’s knowledge transfer method.

PicMonkey Collage

That’s right find the highest part of the mountain and stand on it, there are very few Trig points and rock formations in the Peak I have not balanced on top of, and here I offer something a little special courtesy of very talented old friend of the Old Man and I will apologize for a bit of editing. (the original is available if needed, as it was written as one sentence I thought the chance of us modern Interweb types of getting to the end in one piece to be minimal.)

1200 24bit Orig Ladeybower Bleaklow overlay

My poetry is of a visual order I chose to lug cameras and tripods and bags of lenses up and down the Hills and Dales and still do today however I have lightened the  gear a bit, and I offer this selection of photos into evidence as my poetry. I am biased as Bleaklow is very close to my heart as a teenager I once  started to read a walking book by a very famous writer who said very unkind things about my moors and needless to say I flung the book across the room and swore never to mention his name ever again so as you can see I can’t even tell you who he is which is as it should be. I will only put a small gallery here but will add to Flickr as I reconstruct some ageing negatives. enjoy and thanks for joining me.

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