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Who cares? and what’s in it for me?

Who cares? and what’s in it for me?

So I recently saw the question posed, Who Cares? And who cares in deed. I suppose no one cares so why should I. Lets come at this from another angle whats in it for me, what do I get from this infrequently visited Bio Blog and what on earth did I expect to happen.

Who Blogs these days so quaint and old fashioned, with the voices whispering quieter and quieter, Blog after Blog being abandoned, raging click-bait and wide spread disquiet as bloggers in there dozens debate switching off their comment sections, Trolls and Flamers running riot it is a wonder anyone wants to put their delicate selves out there all raw and bloodied on the Interweb. Me Myself and I did it but Incognito lurking behind the anonymity of The Funky Nomad and purposely not telling people who would read my ramblings that I rambled away on my own custom site. Because quite frankly I am no one in particular, I have no S.E.O strategy, no advertising no way of monetizing my grand 9 followers, and possibly I have no business cluttering up the Interweb with my ramblings. I did however come across this awesome widget, there it is in my side bar pulling my Instagram pictures into my blog. Follow that too if you like.

Now I know I have been a bit invisible the last couple of months and its pretty simple writing actually writing in any spare minute to struggle towards a first draft on a Novel a first novel no less is bloody tiring a long slog and I just don’t have words spare right now ( Other than the few I am using up here, and these are not the type suitable for my Fantasy Novel anyway.) So Gibbous Tyke as mentioned in other posts  is the hero who has now made his way through  37.6% of the story he is travelling through, we sit at just north of 31,000 word and the odd one or two are pretty good if I do say so myself. But we are in the doldrums the snarly do not really want to type this middle bit but slowly we climb the hump and pretty soon will be headed down hill in the wicked race to the end. And low and behold there are both boys and girls making up the major cast so a bit of diversity in there, what ever next.


Who Cares


So surprisingly a blog does not need people to read it after all to do what it set out  to do, It just needs a writer to write now my first post a few hundred words my longest posts a few thousand. and the confidence and momentum sprang me on to the novel. I came across a Blog of all things the other day and there were 15 thoughts on how Blogging Impacts Life. and yes and yes again. I am going to link to it its a good read but the key points are all in my journey, and accidentally acquired I guess I was looking.

1- You will become a better writer

2- You will become a better thinker

3 -You will live a more intentional life

4-You will develop an eye for meaningful things

5-You may inspire others

6- You will become more comfortable being known

Go have a look at .

So back to the serious business of Novel writing.

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