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Recomendations From the Grumpy Elf

Recomendations From the Grumpy Elf

Well you would be a bit grumpy if someone had shoved a bell up your nose. So how did 2014 go and what’s in store for the New Year?  I am pleased to report a pretty stellar year all round many highs a few lows (Car repairs and the like just before Christmas). Many things on the Rise and a few things met  their Demise. So the plan for 2015, well there is no plan because I am still working on the list of 40 or so items from 2012 (Which I may include in a blog just to remind people how silly lists can be, or should I say how silly my lists can be). But if you were to push me I will give you this image in reply and I think that’s the plan.




Gibbous Tyke ‘The Dark Antiquarian” is getting written first four chapters are with my secret beta readers ( Kim and Hill, sorry I guess not so secret then) we are full throttle into chapters 5 to 9 and just crashed trough 25,000 words so just under a third of the way so FINISHED by the end of 2015. That is the one concrete thing I set my mind to. As for distractions no doubt.

So what was I listening to? Well all sorts, Satan’s helper (sorry Santas helper)  #1 Son gave me three albums currently on the radio here in CANADA:-  Hozier / Hozier,  Milky Chance/ Sadnecessary July Talk / July Talk (Santa actually picked and wrapped them put them under the tree etc on the understanding it was #1 son who was giving Dad a present not Dad.) Also three other bands have been on heavy rotation here also big air play in Canada but may not have trended high in the UK. Finally three albums from “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.” The Grumpy Elf recommend them all. If I was to pick just one July Talk / July Talk is awesome well they are all worth the time but that ones a little bit more awsommeeemmn.  The Kongos  album suffers a bit from intermittent production but has what sounds like a washboard in there somewhere and I am all for that. And the music is great but they all have lyrics that apeal to me a whole bunch of clever arses really but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Listening to Jan 2015

On Christmas day  my Instagram (39littlefish) reach a new high  with Bacon Wrapped Turkey Meat Loaf getting a little bit of love, some success with sunrises and sunsets, cooking and hot-rods. You may even see my Instagram feed landing in my Facebook should I switch it back on, I am tempted.

Christmas Turkey Meat Loaf

And yes Sprouts, the Wife requested those, very low key this year no fancy table settings and millions of pots to wash just too busy for that. Last but not least I leave you with a photo of the Funky Nomadic Tribe yes #1 son is 6’4″ #1 Daughter 5’9″ and the lovely Wife a family breaking high @ 5′ its all her fault I am sure, and where was I ? Knackered and snoozing on the bed.


So Happy New Year and all that.

2 Responses to “Recomendations From the Grumpy Elf”

  1. Mark Needham says:

    Rich, sad news you won’t know about. Roger McCreath died of a heart attack on Sunday 4th of Jan – out of the blue and only a couple of months after his mother died too. Very Sad. We are all getting old mate !

    • putp1put39 says:

      Not good news, I guess we all have to look after ourselves a lot better going forward. He was a good guy.


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