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PutPut Pictures, rides again.

PutPut Pictures, rides again.

Well after posting blogs that could be interpreted a suicide notes I though I better put my dear readers at their ease, Just a change just a re -focusing and that’s a good word. Even my written work is supposed to be visual. But back to the start where did it all begin and I must admit to Photography. Love it, loved it, hated it, despaired of it ,divorced it, died from it, raised from the ashes and railed into the night for the hate of it. Re-invent myself for the love of it and discovered it had not gone anywhere and cared not for my antics.

And I will give no credit at all to Tim Starchuck.   But I do love the Solitude and Minimalism, as if someone walked out the room as if there were lonely ghosts . If you were to wander into the frame and pause and for a moment be isolated alone, got me I like it. But its not what I claim to do, well not what I am comfortable doing and yes photographed everything for money being a paid Professional Photographer for a time, and my passion LangScape or should I say Landscapes for thirty years banging them out and I can see my footprint .



So we have Derbyshire, Moray -Scotland the Falkland- South Atlantic, Elk Island, AB. Jasper AB and Robin Hood’s bay. And how do they manage to be all together and mounted well I can thank the good lady wife for buying the camera , # 1 Daughter for negotiating the on line printing and my good sense in outputting them on KODAK glossy paper at 8″ x 10″ and the song remains the same. Can’t guarantee the printer new what he was doing but a bit of judicious pre-proces prep on my end and voila. Time stood still. Of course up until now I did my own printing (Its what I do Yall) but now some  dude at the photo lab not even doing his own sensometric testing but hooked up the the interweb, For all that turned out nice again.




PutPut Pictures that’s the enterprise where I shoe horn images in to mounts and frames. All sorts of printed ephemera from the last 150 years. Photography vintage and original (My stuff), advertising, engravings, lithographs, Japanese wood blocks, original watercolors, Aquatints, printed money, book plates from children illustrators.   (non viable books that is.) and it goes on if you printed it I mounted it (Hey Hey sound’s you know, naughty!) even the wallpaper lining from your Grannies draws; made a fortune from that  William Morris wall paper end rolls.

So I am not giving away a recipe for retirement but I buy picture, period frames and jam them all back together and if the truth were told make no money at all, but I have some fantastic stuff on the walls and in my basement in boxes.  So long story short offered Tim some mount cutting. (Unfortunately of the demon Museum quality 8 ply ; may it rest in hell). I got motivated printed and mounted some stuff. Hey wrote a blog and now in the works a life long retrospective. Now only to find a gallery and  well anyone vaguely interested

FNB Frame process

And the veggie face, well that’s me that is, I grew em in mi yard and this is the exciting bit used my new iPhone 5c to photograph them and here’s the thing #salsa ! yep instagram wow on a roll followed by #Salsa and #Edmonton and # Artglass ,#Monart, #Glass and I must admit to it all making no seance but I got like instant huggy likes well for Salsa and Edmonton. Come on where is the love for Art glass, OK follow me or be  square. later #compost-mantis.

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