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Show the Rod show the Sole

Show the Rod show the Sole

So I know its supposed to be spare the rod spoil the child, and I might have something to say about that but I am not that sort of controversial Blogger. Here in the Canadian Prairies the summer arrives one morning you notice the snow has gone and you leap into the summer and go hell for leather until Labor day which is this weekend. Later today #1 Daughter and myself are off to Elk Island for 2 nights camping and bike riding and buffalo photographing given a chance. It will be all campfire and food and a quick looking forward to the new school year which starts on Wednesday. We are especially looking forward to Steak and Eggs for breakfast and Garlic bread stuffed with herb and garlic cream cheese something we invented on our trip to Jasper to see the Rodeo. ( Not saying we are the first but we have great hopes for it.)

So am I trying to make an excuse for my lack of blogging, maybe but I have been busy, my summer blogging schedule  was filled with great intentions, I have stuff on its way, the only problem is that its all beginning to run into the  one year time delay my brain seems to operate. So here is a taster of the fantastic articles to come, now that the summer is grinding to a halt and my big Hawaii  approaches. This is a strange thing I don’t think I look Hawaii on the outside or feel Hawaii  on the inside and as much as I want to be taken seriously I don’t want it to have anything to do with being older. So is Hawaii the new thirty something? Probably! Which leads us to these:-

BBQ MOJO :–  The exciting history of the Funky Nomads crazy culinary outside adventure and the loss of the mojo

just don’t have the BBQ mojo any more.

YESTERDAYS BIRTHDAYS:-    5 O years of reflection. the future self and Premature Immaculation.

EURO  83:- The big one and the revelation of the heartless soul.

ALL MY WEDNESDAYS :-  A look at the Wednesday club, Sheffield and my complete inability to play football.

THINK BIG OR GO HOME:-  A disturbing glimpse into the aftereffects of thinking outside the box.

It has not been a completely wasted summer I wielded my camera with furious intention, battled on with Gibbous Tyke now in Chapter three heading straight into chapter four just short of 10,000 words (that includes a rewrite adding missing twiddly bits and solid structure and chapter heading all the way to chapter  ten.)   and found a second beta reader for a project I have been working on since Feb 2012 give or take 10 years.

Once my produce in my potted yard ripened (six types of chillies no less) went on an Curry binge, I have cooked myself all the way out to Vindaloo  (No not Liver and Onions) and have stopped short of a phal. Going around one more time before I move on to try and finish compiling my traditional Filipino cook book ( Stuff your great Grannie might have heard of and of course as I imagine it should be.) I am working on one last hurrah, the plan is to line up a Passanda and a Butter Chicken and something I am creating myself a Sour Green Chilli Chicken, (probably with tamarind.) before the end. I also veered off into the world of home made chutney making a Mango, Green zebra (Tomato) Chilli  spiced chutney ten chopped Cayen peppers and 3 loco chillies nearly killed the wife who claimed her heart stopped)

So this here Rod I speak of is in-fact The Edmonton Street Rod Association annual meet it was a fantastic blue skied day and a perfect excuse to wield the camera and take my beautiful wife out for the day (That’s her in the Flickr feed [see menu on homepage] ) So what else did I take those were for her Facebook what was I pointing my camera at and why and could you see my soul?




Well as it turns out you could see my soul and my sole and at first I was a little disturbed, I had thought abstract was the way to go showing color chrome curve and design cut out all those people wandering around and then I realized without their passion there probably wouldn’t be any Hot rods vintage cars etc and then I looked carefully and there they were people inside the paint job reflected from the chrome distorted by the head lights and what the hell was that crazy prairie blue sky doing all over the place and then there appeared  to be this idiot in all of them kneeling, sitting, lying down  on the floor holding a camera and wearing sandals very expensive walking sandal (No Socks) so there it was my sole. It turns out it is almost impossible to photograph a car without reflection even the pros in a studio cut and paste many shots to make that Ferrari look out of this world.

So the obvious plan was to move the lardy Nomad out of the shot and the beautifully proportioned good lady into the shot.




and of my Soul?


There it is, just there manifesting as this little blue and grey car. I don’t even know what model it is quietly parked there in its matte paint and imperfection and interesting chrome grill, wedged between all manner of shiny colorful rainforest birds. Sitting there legs akimbo I was roused from my furious arting,   “why are you photographing this car out of all the ones here?” Looking up I met the  smile of a traditional old lady. What does she mean why, and its a good question the most interesting question I had heard all day, it beat how big is the engine is it original love the paint etc. I stammered I love the architectural the industrial design the simplicity (did not mention it was the only one not reflecting people all over it) and if I had I would have been wrong. It turns out this car had memories the old lady as a child could remember been packed into one just like it on family holiday she remembered her father and there it was in context, the density of things. I am becoming attracted to the ownership of density. I stammered we had an old Morris Minor when I was small, a Hillman Minx a Morris 1000 and yes holidays, suitcases, car rugs, boiled sweets in tins a long drive through the night to miss traffic to arrive at the coast some time in the morning with the fabled chant I can see the sea, of course there was my soul loud and proud peeking back from behind this little car.

And of the winner of the day where did the trophy go to a beautiful metallic green something or other that I later saw being taken home on a trailer a trailer princess. I recommend we all look a bit harder in future there is more to life than meets the eye.

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