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Go Beaver & Big Ribs.

Go Beaver & Big Ribs.

So what do you do when you turn off Facebook ? Well it looks like you keep tuning it back on, by accident as my Flicker account signs in via Facebook oh yes that’s the feed in the bottom right corner of this blog in case you missed it.

So if you want an explanation I build 40K models sort of accidentally  # 1 Son wanted to get into it so I had parts left over and as usual got carried away 5 years later still building stuff. If you don’t know much about this affliction I build Space Marines and all the stuff here is heavily converted or concept stuff. So now you know. Oh and its also on the Games Workshop Group feed too I am the “FunkyNomad” surprise hey and yes I know I can’t paint, but I can build glorious crazy shit and it keeps me out of trouble.

So I hear you all begging to have a look at what I am currently building. ( Sure you did)  and while we are at it we can have a little look around the Funky Nomads subterranean lair ( Ignore the box Tsunami, I have a bit of a box fetish) I know you are all excited I will even throw in a hand made PAC MAN Halloween costume that took 5 days to build thanks to a how to on YouTube, #1 Son was a great hit got interviewed by the local radio station and has so many photos taken his buddy stopped talking to him.




Well hardly a Tsunami from this side but if you could just look the other way deffinatley more boxes.  Anyway back to you wanting to see what I have been up to model wise ( Its  a Forge Master Dreadnaught and it aint legal) the sooner we do this the better because I am going to post pics anyway, (Realistically you probably don’t need all the Nerdy details so I will resist you don’t care what this thing is armed with. You do! Surely not, didn’t think so.)


so now that’s done I can get on telling you all about Beavers and Big Ribs. So I asked myself once I did the deed (Facebook disconnect) did important stuff I put on Facebook disappear ? cos I liked some of it. Well “NO” because I am a little slow I have only recently found out I can embed YouTube clips into my Blog and as the good lady has published thousands I can bring you two of my favorites “Go Beaver & Big Ribs (Squirrel is an extra bonus).

So where are they? Well not here they don’t fit without more programming than I am prepared to do and as blogs roll out ( Somewhat slowly)  they will shuffle off into the archive never to be seen again. So in the menu you will find a new section called Tribe Tubes as pages are full width and static I can drop them in as they are, problem solved   (However these are things I like and well may be a bit tame for you exciting folks out there on the interweb.)

Let me recommend something wholeheartedly, you guys have heard of back ups, you know safe copies of stuff that is irreplaceable etc. Well so have I and I have some well I have lots and when in 2009 I decided to back up all images and videos I made the decision that writing backup 1 backup 2 etc would be enough 2014 comes along and I need to restore Big Ribs to YouTube; I know its from 2009  well you can see the problem of course three weeks later I find it on the last disc I checked , You guessed it Backup 1. However you  will have to wait for the good wife to reload it on to her YouTube account so I can embedded it but please enjoy Beaver and Squirrel.



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