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Ho Ho No NaNoWriMo (part 2)

If it was easy there would be no cacophony……

So when all the prevaricating and research and original thinking has been applied and the wailing and gnashing of teeth and venting of spleens has been allowed to die what path comes next. Well it turns out its pretty simple, if you want to be a writer, write. I know it’s not very helpful, of all the tasks I have undertaken it requires the hardest of things; drive from the inside. I have looked for help, for clarity what are the fundamentals that allow you to put pen to paper and write and have found some completely awesome blogs and on line help. I have followed a writer from start to finish for a fist book in the Steampunk . Thanks Literary Giant. Some very awesome no nonsense Fantasy advice from terribleminds. So here I sit typing a Fantasy novel of all things, 17 years of frothing at the mouth from pen and paper to Wordperfect to Word and on to Pages. So many first 3 chapters of really great ideas,(Probably) and thanks Chuck for brutal honesty about the writing game and Profanity Generators of truly awesome expanse I can tell you all to ****—**!!! off you dirigible **** tickling cavity marmots.

So what does this fantasy world look like where every theme is a cliche and every middle aged white writers fantasy is derided for youth, ethnicity, gender, geographic relevance and RPG hate, magic systems and other  limitations. I believe you write for yourself first, hopefully you have belief enough that you have an audience and hopefully you don’t start by re-writing someone else’s Fantasy Trilogy. Not that I know anything but its a story whatever genre ( Hate that word) so it probably would not be too hard to figure out stories are character driven. So I started there, will anyone care about him. I hope so, hopefully enough to follow his journey.

Gibbous Tyke, now has the responsibly to travel through the world entertaining the reader and hopefully having enough guts to stay alive to the end of a book. I am no different to everyone else who has read fantasy trilogies for ever and ever amen. Should he make it there will be an unending assault on the reader. A Trilogy in four parts no less probably with a prequel for good measure.
Why should I chose to place myself under so much derision. Well quite frankly its non of your business, write your own one book Dystopian misery , I will attemp to do my best at a divrse and interesting world. I may not be able to get the whole kitchen sink in there but I will do what I can and those of you wishing to stick your nose in and demand stuff  please leave the rest of us alone ( I had no idea how the Troll had moved out of the High School and into the adult world apparently making a nice home in the world of literature, that so many have learnt so little truly depresses me.)

So what is this world of Gibbous Tyke…..

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