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Ho Ho No NaNoWriMo (part 1)

Ho Ho No NaNoWriMo (part 1)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all. So what does a photo of Me and the Good Lady have to do with NaNoWriMo? Absolutely nothing, unless of course you understand we are all busy doing something else.

Now this is not a literary site, my small week of subscribers are made up of friends and family who whether they wanted to or not I have persuaded to subscribe. So other than my good friends Hill and Kim you may have no idea what NaNoWriMo is and why I should even be mentioning it at all. As it happens I only came across it thanks to The Daily Post sending helpful suggestions to us aspiring writer/blogger types. ( Thank you and what the hell did you do that for?)

So it goes like this, register with NaNoWriMo and on the 1st Nov you have 30 days to write 50,000 words.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, daunting undoubtedly, exciting yes definitely,energizing and harmless? You would think so but you would be wrong. I actually thought well I have been trying to write a book who hasn’t I have three whole chapters, 50,000 words would certainly help.

This is where I started to run into problems, not one to go off completely half cocked I decided to do a bit of research, the normal things are there rules to this? What experiences have others had and was there a bit of encouragement out there for so challenging a task. Well Yes and No. Did I register well no, should I have done? No I don’t think so. Will I next year who knows. I think it has a lot to do with where you are at the time. If you like the idea I would recommend doing no research at all and give it a go. I would certainly remember it has little to do with writing that Brilliant, Completed, Shiny automatically publishable Novel you have in your head. What it will do is something I have been unable to do,  generate up to 50,000 words you can use (Probably). Or 50,000 words you were glad you did not use in your novel.

If you did want to do research I would try this from terribleminds ’25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo’

So what have I been trying to write for the past double decade, why do I hang on to them. Well I like to think I am better at ideas than getting on with it ( and once I have written one book you need some more to follow). Thanks Kim, advice like start the story you will finish seems very helpful at first inspection and fundamentally it has all the truths. That’s why I ask his advice when a kick up the bum is required. I can rely on the unvarnished truth. Kim knows very well I am indestructible just easily destractable.

So I am writing, I wrote a lot of words in November & December (just not the Blog) and if you follow, well not so much follow but read my posts you will see I am writing words; longer and longer posts.( That is the secret for me, distraction how much harder can it be to move my  words of deranged fantasy off my blog into a work of Fiction.)  A Blog that is happily distracting me from my Novel, as it is becoming part of the process I will have to put up with it. minimum 350 words a day 5 days a week ( Not my idea, one more golden nugget from terribleminds ), I can claim 929 words in my first session on my book.( so I have 2 days to mess about with this)

So which Novel did I decide to write?

  • Dodgy Style” A tale of Baggy Pants, the Lizard King, Black Bush, AK47’s, Carpets and Ladies Underwear.  Derailed in chapter 3 by a sex scene and a box of malteasers and totally destroyed by 911. ( yes that old).
  • Knox Knox” A Ya, Knox knows a few things for certain in his young life. Vampires don’t sparkle you don’t want to kiss one and if your dad wins 20 million dollars you sure a hell don’t have to move to  a cabin in the woods without internet connection.
  • Continuity Error” This one I like so much I will remain silent ( Most likely to become a Hollywood blockbuster)
  • Ordinary Lives”  My most completely planned,characters prepared etc  working on chapter 3, first person sparse and play like great ending….
  • Biomancer” Steampunk.
  • Mid Century Modern”  Detective, Murder Mystery, Ghost story.
  • Riders of the Omnibus ”  As it sounds but better than that , honest.W

There are more but this is getting us nowhere. So the big question which one am I committed to finishing, none of the above I am writing a Fantasy Novel ( It has to be easier? right)

“The Dark Antiquarian”






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