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Battle and Humbug.

Battle and Humbug.

Well that’s another 5 pubs off the list, thanks to Mr Battle. Yet another good friend who after approaching 20 years without saying hello was willing to to throw caution to the wind and agree to drink beer and talk up a storm.
I have to admit in hind site that I had no idea how fundamentally important we were to the well running of trade group 14 and the Air force in general, but there you are. Some names from the past came up and they were the usual suspects.
For the more senior of you that taught me the fine skills of Beer drinking and Pond building BBQ and the ninja deployment. It’s all gratefully received. And believe it or not frequently used to show those in civi street how to party properly.

Well in the theme of partying properly I am about to undertake another night out knock off some more of those elusive pubs and stuff myself with CURRY. No wife to complain about the smell however my mum has already opened my bedroom window and laid on the breath mints.
The night was further enhanced by my top decision to knock on my good friend Peters door on the way home after a bus ride (even the bus has WI FI what’s wrong with my old mum and dad I keep telling them to move with the Times but they just think I am annoying whine to be ignored)
Anyway thanks Peter for opening the door in your wife’s dressing gown the image will stay with me. I am not sure what she thought when she came in and a strange man was sitting in the front room with her scantily robed husband but I think we coved it sucessfully.

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