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Long-board 2013

Long-board 2013

Well as mentioned at the end of HEB Softball 2013  we have the pride before the fall. You guessed it we have an accident and a broken elbow #1 Son (Who was a bit upset about this) ended up missing the rest of the Softball games, he was not able to play Sax in the spring music concert and had to sit in the middle of the raft and not paddle during the river watch on the North Saskatchewan river last week.

Now I know what you are thinking there is some risk in long-boarding to school. and I agree I was set up for an accident but believing in a bit of prior preparation #1 Son did a trial run the evening before using paved bike trails and carrying the board over major intersections we discussed pedestrians and to be respectful to other path users etc. So off he sets, gets up early (which is something in its self) so he has plenty of time to get to school, 19 minutes later a I get a call from an upset wife # 1 Son is all bleeding and battered dragging his long-board home.

Fell off ? Well no on his way to school he moves aside for an oncoming bike and the arse on the matt black BMX with his Chicago Bulls cap on backwards leans over and clotheslines him instant wipe-out. I rush home take him to the emergency room X–rays later one broken elbow which is set in a splint and a forecast of three weeks before it will be healed. Why did he have no protection on well I don’t know so now he has a broken elbow I sort him out a new helmet that actually fits over his mop of hair and isn’t too embarrassing how this will stop him breaking bones I have no Idea but a Dad has to do something. The school also suggested that the incident was pretty serious and needed reporting to the police so that took up the rest of the day and its not a bad job watching out for concussion (you can see we also sorted out how he could continue online gaming and use his keyboard).






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