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Kings Croft 83/84

Kings Croft 83/84

After some frantic memory searching and a hiccup in my memories internal time line I now have this great event nailed down sort of. Here are the Black & White photos from Kings Croft common room  circa 1983/84 featuring the band we think were called ECLIPSE thanks Jeremy.  As you can see scattered throughout the band and in the crowd a collection of the usual suspects, all looking ridiculously young and on their best behavior.  I wish I had the soundtrack to go with it. This was the year I got seriously into Photography. Having returned from my first Euro Rail trip and working at the Big Tree ( Temporarily Beefeater at the time a horrible experience  they made me wear a Red and White striped uniform which I would like to say was the most hideous thing I have ever worn but in all honesty I can’t, but it is the one and only time I have been caught in the Red & White I can only say I needed the money for Cameras ).

Just to put this period into context (1983) Blackadder debuted and it was the last year for the Professionals and Animal Magic. Spitting Image  and the Tube were  going strong.  (1984) was the last year for The Young Ones. To keep with the rise and demise theme we lost the great Tommy Cooper (Just like that), Eric Morecombe . Leonard Rossiter (The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perin) and Reginald Bosenquet.



So 1983/84 listening to Magazine, Thin Lizzy (As always), Peter Gabriel, Dire Straights & The Blues Breakers. Interests include Photography,Travel and Beer. Albums released in 1983:- ZZ Top : Eliminator.  Duran Duran : Rio.  Def Leppard : Pyromania. Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Hanoi Rocks : Back To The Mystery.  Eurythmics : Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). The Blue Nile : A Walk Across The Rooftops.





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