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Thin Lizzy ” Live And Dangerous”

Thin Lizzy ” Live And Dangerous”

No surprise with this one sitting here this morning blogging to Thin Lizzy. This was the first Album I bought back in 1979 ( which got scratched the replacement vinyl sold and now I have a CD) and I am still crazy about it today. Awesome cover (Has to be because of the Bass). This undoubtedly was why I eventually bought a Bass and proceeded to play it very badly. (I still play it badly today it hangs in my sons room with my Marshall which he completely ignores! don’t figure.)

Favorite track has to be “Rosalie”, but slower numbers like ” Southbound” & “Dancing in the Moonlight” also get my vote.

In case you missed them also released in 1978 were Van Halen :Van Halen , Dire Straits:Dire Straits , The Cars :The Cars and Magazines Real Life.


In 1979 listing my interests as Thin Lizzy, Hiking and D&D, reading  “Lord of the Rings” again ( I actually did this every summer right up to the summer of 1989). The favorite Wrangler shirt I am wearing was the one I went to my first Thin Lizzy concert in. Lined up twice round the City Hall from early morning with my friend Peter to get tickets. Awesome concert.


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