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Rise and Dear Demise

Rise and Dear Demise

So that’s that had enough of this already.









You may be wondering what it looked like all these years?

What did I see?

What music were we listening to and what were the big events?

What was it like from the inside? Maybe even what did you look like?

What ideas were on the Rise and which of my various plans met their Dear Demise along the way.

PicMonkey Collage Profile

So lets answer a few question, I possibly don’t know what you looked like! But that’s what I looked like, look like.

Penguins riseanddeardemise copyright

Here is the answer to the second question, I saw Penguins.

Thin Lizzy PM2

Listening to well not exactly you get my drift though.

From The Inside

And this is what its like from the inside.


And this is what ended up happening to all those great ideas they reside on this small piece of shiny cardboard in a box in a draw about as useful as any other idea I had along the way.

Stats wp

And there we have it all time views  610 views top page ‘The Funky Nomad’, Top Posts ‘And did those Feet’ and well I had hoped ‘Shades of a Blue Orphanage’ would be up there but not too shabby which leads us to the bottom of the table which I can tell you has most of the posts of the last few months sitting there with may be 4 views of which I probably accidentally viewed twice myself, so weeks and weeks of flat histograms in the stats tool, effort to reward disproportionate. And by now all the way down here I am pretty sure no one is still reading. ( My 8 Subscribers stay subscribbed . Thank You)

So no I have not had enough of Me of course not I still profess myself to be very interesting and wiseish Dude, just think it might be time to change directions a bit change the focus. Stuff has happened, stuff happens and stuff is a happening. We are happily dropping photo Albums into Flickr see Home Page we have an instagram account and I have learnt to do them Hash Tags and lo and behold some likes and so far I have only posted 3 photos and quite frankly I am very excited and and and I can steer folks this way because I have my Blog address in my profile already had 6 mysterious hits to my home page. So yay Instagram, real time photos going with real time events and hopefully real time blogs. Which leads me to a resurgence of the Image so I swing from the written word to the visual (This excludes the Novel which flows on unabated). And for those of you still here I acquired the family archive of photos so 100 years of stuff there. And my Mental Health? Good question I am  for sure Healthily Mental. With that and the Funky Nomad continue on, no safety net required after all there is no one here but us penguins.

4 Responses to “Rise and Dear Demise”

  1. Mark says:

    Great album covers my friend!

    • putp1put39 says:

      How did becoming 50 go With FB off I forgot. It’s been a year since my visit and I still miss everyone. Thought I would concentrate on photos for a bit load up the flickr. Sorry to hear Charlie has finally taken a rest.

      • Mark says:

        50 is fine – just a number, or a waistline (not quite). R U going back on FB anytime? Charlie is on a break, but may resurrect soon – with keyboards. We’ll see. Hope all OK, that year has passed so quickly -can’t believe we were sitting in the Cross etc 12 months ago.

        • putp1put39 says:

          Well there are a couple of reasons I may start using it but probably as a signpost to my other content and at last I would know whats going on. I am paranoid of stalkers though. Like the idea of Keyboard how about a hammond organ and Deep Purple stuff.