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Jasper AB, Canada Day

Jasper AB, Canada Day

What? Actually posting the same year  as the trip! I thought you just blogged it takes a year to distill the wisdom etc. Well yes it does but for one reason or another there are certain thing that are time sensitive, this is one of them. Having made a contact or two on my last trip I feel I have to provide the goods. I challenged myself could I still photograph a flag raising a parade etc. So I treated this like an assignment put on my photographers hat ( Yes I really do have one can’t miss it brim and all and a badge ). So I found my spots warned neighboring photographers I was going to go crazy run into the road stand in front of them sit in front of the floats and horses and run around like a headless chicken. It was a very hot day,  I crafted and generally kept going until the fireworks ended at midnight. No I didn’t get punched, yes I like the results and I think I can still do it, I could even do it for the local paper if asked and probably as a full time job.

(There are more and different photos on the flickr feed but these are the ones I like the most.














To finish off a firework slide show, there is more Jasper 2014 to come and no doubt it will be something more than a photo fest. The Tribe had a fantastic day come out to Jasper next year for Canada Day, absolutely fantastic, great town,  great people. Every year we discover more and more to bring us back time and time again.

(See you all at the RODEO)








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