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Big Surprise

Big Surprise

If you go down in the woods today you are sure of a big surprise! I was, this is TED my teddy bear he has had the same number of birthdays as me and has been living a peaceful retirement at home on the spare bed at my Mum and Dads house. Never being foolish enough to stray and join me on my adventures. It’s a big scarey world out there for teddy bears and no picnic I can tell you. How did I get to own such a fantastic yellow teddy? Well I picked him out, chose him personally and looking back on it now set the tone for everything that would unfold as time went on. Some time in late 1964 or possibly early 1965 I was given the task of picking a teddy, not in a toy store oh no, a home interview. Very serious business this teddy bear selecting lark, Grandpa had brought a hand full of bears of different sizes and temperaments over to the house and they were all sitting politely on the couch awaiting interview, I was let in the room and promptly picked the biggest bright yellow teddy with velvet red feet who at the time was as tall as I was. (Knowing me now I can hear you say not totally unexpected) but my initial choice left some concerns with the the family members in residence. I was lead back out into the hallway and the teddies were musical chaired and I was let in again.

Now I might look a bit daft and my reasoning has been proven to be flawed at times but I stand by everything 110%. Even at 1 year old I could tell there was a teddy missing! You guessed it no sign of the big yellow bear, now not easily being defeated and having vast mental powers (or possibly just vastly mental) I used my Peanut and Curly Fu powers of deduction, I had not seen him leave so he must be here somewhere, there sticking out from under the curtain a suspicious yellow leg with red paws aha problem solved and he was mine and the rest is history.


So I hear you ask if TED is supposed to be in retirement at my Mum and Dads house how come he is sitting in my front room here in Canada? Well those of you following my posts will be aware I took a trip home, especially those I visited. (miss you all) I took a trip to secure the last of my earthly possessions and to snag as many as I could of the things that meant something to me before my parents life laundry reached them (They are worried they are getting old and who will sort out all their stuff when they pass so it appears throwing it away seems to be the thing. There is more but I just can’t deal with it just yet) so as a measure of the trauma of removing just one memory I bring you the emigration of TED.

Ruthless old me on this trip home removed his Bow Tie (I know they are cool) and packed him into my carry on, this was a last minute  decision it was the last of my stuff, with emotions already high I for one reason or another did not mention this to my mum until he was all packed  and devastating results ensued. It felt like I was leaving forever and never coming back all echoes of me had gone no more TED on the bed. I did not think about this for some weeks and only later realized how upset my Mum  would have been, and yes heartless bastard that I am made my Mum cry. I am ashamed and have endeavored to correct my thoughtlessness.

And just so you can all relax I think I have fixed everything. So that leaves you wondering who the other teddies are and why teddies I mean they are not real people or anything. ( And you would be wrong there) In my house we all have an equal voice Teddies, Alpacas, Elephants and so on, who do you think listens to me at home when I am busy talking to myself? I don’t just do it at work you know. Anyway next to Ted is Teddy he arrived on the day #1 Son was born he’s Scottish, behind him is snowflake he arrived on #1 Sons first Christmas and kindly brought a copy of Gomez first album he has always had a good taste in music. That leaves us with Mario bear he is the fluffy guy on the back row. I bought him for my wife she had never had a teddy growing up so I thought it only fair she should have one now she was with me. Mario plays sports and spent a good few years in hockey armor before he grew out of it. ( Stick with it I will get to the point soon)

So eventually figuring out what a heartless son I am I ring mum and while talking explain how slow I am and  because mum and I are very similar I explain he is having a great time with Mario , Teddy and Snowflake and has started instructing them on Football ( Soccer) he figured it would be easier than Cricket, Ted is still amaze that the Canadians have a sport in three periods not two halves and there ore no oranges at half time and is played on ice. Ted has them training, he has commandeered #1 sons old Beckham shirt and his under 6 soccer cleats and has them doing drills everyday.


This is the photo I took and had printed 8″ x 10″ and sent to Mum for her Birthday. He now has a frame and is once again in the spare room. More tears but good ones, not such a heartless Son after all.





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