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Facebook Disconect.

Facebook Disconect.

So what? Am I just a cranky old git who does not see the beauty of the wonderful people at and on Facebook?  Am I a teenager escaping parents, schools, teachers, bullies,  cyber-stalkers and other dubious denzines of the book to get all crazy on Snapchat, Instagram,Weheartit, kiki or what ever.

No, I am just an aging no-body late to the game; I was late in and late out. ( Oh yes that icon means I have deactivated my face book.) I had thought I was ahead on the curve on this bail out but if the reactions I got in my house were anything to go by I am the last to catch on, like I have only just found out Sliced Bread is a good idea. #1 Daughter has an account not been active for 3 years, #1 Son has an account hardly ever uses it ( I guess it was in action in grade 7 ) My Wife has deactivated both her accounts sometime before Christmas so just bumbling old me.

What lead to this Rise and Dear Demise of Facebook accounts in the Funky Nomad household. Well I can only speak for myself and and its not simple, not being one for clarity I did some digging around some self examining, research and what have you and I can say its entirely possible this is not what the Interweb is supposed to be, this is not what social networking is supposed to be  and we can add some familiar names to those first against the wall come the revolution.

You can ignore the next bit its a bit of a ramble, disclaimers and that sort of thing.

( Now I feel obliged just to mention, no one is going to actually be shot with bullets etc, its more a call for accountability for  those that trample beautiful things in the headlong rush for mammon or get it wrong in a way that effects the rest of the people trying to participate in life in some sort of meaningful way. As my wise Uncle has mentioned recently don’t be too fast to recommend death for politicians etc . ( The etc is a very long list of which I was about to add a few more.) What I will do instead is throw up some things that may appear to be perceived wisdom but may not be that great an Idea, but not in this post; sorry don’t have the time. To get back to the point it was something along the lines of you can’t choose those that deserve to live that have died and you can’t condemn those that you feel deserve to die that live. (No doubt Gandalf said it better.)


So what was the final straw that broke the Camels back? Well the thing has always been broken and no matter what anyone says the advocates and the detractors ( All over the Interweb as it happens search it up yourselves ). The thing is set up to destroy you ( or at least the potential awesome you.) Its a very brutal nasty piece of bollocks, mainly because its full of people and they tend to be on the whole a nasty lot, intentionally or unintentionally. Why did I sign up in the first place? I felt I had to I was emigrating, heartless selfish Bastard that I am so Facebook hey look you can still see me I can see you I have not really gone. But I have and I don’t really care how you feel about it. And Facebook Friends I don’t really want you to see my trials and tribulations and who my friends are which photos you see of me and which of my antics are for the world to see ( If I wanted pictures of me on the internet with my underwear on my head I will put them there myself thank you very much.)

So the bottom line is I will edit Me and share whatever I want in the way I want and as the Funky Nomad ( I am not against the internet I am for it). So is it bizarre not to want to come up on a search engine, not enhance my brand on social media, abandon Facebook. I think you would need to be born before the Social media immersion to get it.  Consider this, ( First go and find out what the internet was supposed to be. Got it, then ask why everyone wants to monetize it ignoring the Dot.Com that was different.) So a grand don’t come for free, if you believe Facebook is Free its not it has a huge cost to you they are selling you and your content your self-esteem your mental health, your family and friendships, advertising you to the good, bad and ugly, all without your say so (please ignore the privacy settings they mean nothing) and in return sending you advertising shit.

So I choose to pay for and maintain my Domain  pay monthly for my site to be hosted, edit my content take due care and attention and stay incognito ( But you can call me Richard, Rich, Pip, Langy or if you really have to The Funky Nomad.) I will not sell anything other than Ideas, I will not advertise anything for monetary gain and invite those I really feel a connection to  to participate and decide for themselves if someone they know would be the sort of person  who may want to check in now and a gain. Anyone can subscribe tell me why etc if I don’t know you, use my contact box and if I feel you are unlikely to wish me harm, sell me shit or deluge me in spam you are in.

Just so there are no misunderstandings, My friends came before Facebook and I have met them in person ( So that’s not the same as Facebook Friends). I must admit to using Facebook to plan my disconnect from Facebook. I put the word out contacted friends and made arrangement to see as many as possible from the last 40 years. (This required 3 weeks off work and airfares halfway around the world and commitment on my part,I touched base with folks I had not seen for up  to 20 years; we reconnected. I peddled my blog mentioned if they wanted to know what was going on to subscribe or if  not take my e-mail and now, well that’s it….. No more FB. ( If you have anything to say a comment would not go amiss)









2 Responses to “Facebook Disconect.”

  1. Kim says:

    Well put ! Never joined for many of the reasons above…….

    • putp1put39 says:

      Thanks for not making me feel completely insane. Its always worrying when you step outside. I hope everyone understands.