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Stupid app or Stupid Richard?

Stupid app or Stupid Richard?

Well am finally awake enough to blog, having found free Wi Fi in the Crossed Scythes pub of all places. This is going to make the whole blogging thing and reading my mail so much more pleasurable. So here I sit wanting to upload a special photo and my iPad is resisting.
It’s the first 35mm I took over 30 Years ago down at Totley Rise S17, on the corner was a strange collection of scrap cars Minis Angle boxes ford cortina and older all rusting gently into decay, the way we should all hope to go. But damn me I just can’t get this thing to load it, I guess I will have to get on someone’s computer and post a gallery of them

So what Am I doing back here, well visiting parents and friends and old haunts now shame on you for thinking I am talking about Pubs as I only have 37 of those on my list. It’s going well 3 down already and I arrived late Tuesday after a bit of airport shenanigans. Fortunately they had some Johnny Walker on hand to calm the natives everyone was desperately hanging on to and gulping their doubles as we plummeted into our descent in Manchester. The Snake as serene and beautiful as ever.

So what next, well it would be rude not to have another beer in celebration and recognition of the free wi fi.


Well bugger me it’s Richard who is the idiot looks as though the app knows what it’s doing who’d have thunk it.

2 Responses to “Stupid app or Stupid Richard?”

  1. Kelly says:

    Cheers, Richard, have a great trip 🙂