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And did those feet in ancient times…..

And did those feet in ancient times…..

So did those feet? No doubt and mine have just made their way from Woodseats to Totley, not an inconsiderable feet. So what’s it all about “Life the Universe and everything?” To be totally honest the more I look at it the more worried I become that there is no purpose to it at all only the one you make for your self.

So what makes for such a topic on a late summer afternoon Moonshine in hand (Moonshine is a beer by the way brewed by my local Abbeydale Brewery here in Sheffield.) Well I have just been up to the remembrance garden and sat talking to my Granparents memorial plac’s and had a long conversation accounting for myself. More of a thank you really as I talk to them all the time in my head but it seems more official to be where their ashes are laid to rest. Not a miserable task for me,friends relations dear departed are,like just stepped out of the room they may or may not be coming back but that does not deter me from talking to them anyway.

I live on faith that they will be there when I need them and have not been let down so far; am I cavalier and thoughtless in my friendships it may seem that way but it never crosses my mind that any of those that are close to me will take affront, friendships rise and occasionally meet their demise but not really.Everything can be forgiven on your journey through life ( Now obviously there are a few grand things that pose a difficulty and I am sure those don’t need mentioning here, but I would prefer it if you didn’t rodger the wife over the back of my Ikea futon, not unless you were looking for a good slapping.)

So what did my esteemed Grandfathers tell me? Nothing new I received all the venerable advice long before they passed. What I was formulating on my treck over here was something a bit more fundamental. “If a tree falls in a forest, even a very impressive old revered tree, if there is no one to bear witness did it exist at all.”

That is the dilemma are we all only legends in our life times’ who will bare whiteness to our passing? Few will be talented or infamous enough to be remembered. What I am saying is our friends remember us closer to ourselves than our parents or offspring and we will all pass together as in our case the Generation X give way to the millennials and what ever will be perpetrated to follow after.

Is it good enough you were a good man, did no harm on purpose? I am beginning to think that’s not enough I am pretty sure we are supposed to live with purpose. Stuff man’s inhumanity to man, that should be no deterrent. whether you like it or not being a force for good in this world is the way to go. Apathy and mediocrity we can all raise above, you don’t have to put up with all that the education system your parents,and societiety has perpetrated against you. Its possible with a bit of effort to raise your own flag declare independence from the dross and just get on with it. Please don’t sit there complaining about politicians and all that Bollocks Just fix it.

On that note I am fixing to get another beer, not a half full or a half empty glass for me, let’s get that bugger filled right to the brim and carry on regardless.

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