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Jasper 2012 (journeys end)

Jasper 2012  (journeys end)
Here is our last adventure of the 2012 Father and Daughter trip to Jasper. Still excitedly talking about our  night out at the Jasper Heritage Rodeo from the  day before. We saddle up the Blazer and set off to Pyramid Lake to hire ourselves a canoe for the morning, we have our picnic packed and the sun is out. So we leave Lothlorien our Lembas securely packed away in our reusable Walmart bag……… ? (well Black-forest ham, Havarti cheese and cucumber rolls, Juice boxes and granola bars) and head out on a great adventure to find the end of Pyramid Lake via the fabled picnic beach on its far distant shore. I have always been partial to Lord Of The Rings at times insanely so. To find the giving of gifts missing in  the  film      ( obviously not the only thing missing ) unhinged my delicate sensibilities. ( I was only told this by a second party as I had flatly refused to have anything to do with the watching of these movies.) Which any of you that know the version of me that lives in Canada that never seems to have them out of the DVD player may come as a bit of a surprise. Why is that you ask? and its a good question. We are now in 2001 I am no longer what can be considered young and my life no longer is firmly attached to L.O.R , D&D and other youthful passions. I stopped re reading L.O.R through every summer back in 1989 when I joined the RAF now 12 years later coming out the other side I have some distance between said tome. And I hear that an extended edition is on its way with at least that bit back in ( even if they are the wrong gifts ! My kids must be tired of me mentioning Sam’s Elven rope, and its beyond counting the number of times I have told them it has the wrong ending. But if I focus on the small things and ignore the wider sweep I have come to love it.) So long story short :- Christmas 2002 under the Christmas tree “The Fellowship of the Ring” extended boxed set. Christmas 2003 under the Christmas tree  ” The Two Towers” And Christmas 2004 ” The Return of...

Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 3)

Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 3)
Well late, late, late I here you call, yes I sit here having returned from our last full Tribe camping trip to Jasper it has met its demise. #1 son not at all happy in protest did not shower for 4 days wore his Jeans and hoody and refused to change, I think he even slept in them. He was however made to clean his teeth, we are ever the responsible parents. So we have to find a babysitter for him as he is refusing to come out with us at the end of July on our Camping/Photography expedition. So I will post Jasper town site and places that were closed this year that I had hoped to share with the Wife.  (Fort Point road, and Edith Cavell Meadows due to sensitive alpine plants). If you want a good Hiking Guide I use “HIKING JASPER and Mount Robson”, by Rob Bryce it’s absolutely great. last years pictures will have to do, #1 daughter is pretty handy with a camera she has a natural instinct maybe she has my Pro-Photographer genes in her, she composes so well. I have taken up Landscape Photography again and will post a slide show of the results in the next few weeks. Don’t worry about the long hair I am sporting  in the photos, 2012 was the year of the Dragon and being born a Dragon I vowed to not cut my hair in order to maximize my essence so to speak fearing the Samson effect. Also my mum couldn’t see it to tell me to get it cut . I was never allowed to have it this long even during the NWOBHM.  I only managed to get from January 21st  to the 19th of October when I had it cut.  This was a monster year it nearly killed me. I completed my Supervisory Development Certificate  at N.A.I.T and managed to get that promotion which finally came through in April 2013 I now have a Career instead of a Job which is a relief, and if you review some of the components of the course I took you can see why I interpreted  it as  a rallying cry to end the doldrums and once again live with imagination. So I started my Journey to improve myself, including this here Bio-Blog a big thanks go...