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Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 2 )

Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 2 )

As our 2013 trips get ever closer I guess I should close out last years trips. How things change 2012 was the year of the Techno Campsite I booked a slot with power initially I thought I might need it to start my old lemon meringue  Jeep but due to my wife never failing to surprise and delight me I got a new car well not new new but  from 1994 to 2004. So what to do with the power? Well I had just become the proud owner of a slightly used   i Pad 1  64 gig and 3G and and after my new camera from last year running out of battery  the power came in handy. My daughter showed me how to play Angry Birds and I have no idea what our fellow campers thought all the laughter was about. I had started loading my CD music library on to the i pad ( I found out my daughter likes Muse ) and a couple of apps  (Word Press for 1 ).  So 3 season Vango and new ZR2 loaded up we set off on our adventure Father and Daughter into the Rockies.




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