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A Heartbreaking Truth.

A Heartbreaking Truth.

Well it had to happen sooner or later, something I want with all my soul has turned up out of the blue, something I would almost give up everything for and if I did and was capable of upsetting my son, bribing my daughter and demanding my wife accepts my decision I would be poor or poorer but have something that would fulfill all my wildest dreams for the rest of my life. But you know what, I will not put them through this, I will suffer in silence.

Now what is it that has me so heartbroken, something I have subconsciously wanted from birth ( well that’s my story and I am sticking to it).  A Faberge egg, a DB5 well 007’s DB5, a Monet, an island with a Malt Whiskey distillery on it? No this trifle is only $399,900 and if I sell every thing and talk to the bank its mine.


“A Farmhouse!”, I here you say what possibly could be exciting about a Farmhouse? well everything all my rise’s and dear demise’s can be completed in one grand project, and my memorial will be left for generations of my offspring to wonder at. Not any old Farmhouse but one sitting here on the Prairies on a miniscule 6.5 acres some arable some grazing some woods and outbuildings. Not just a Farmhouse but a Red Brick built two story Heritage Farmhouse built in 1918 ( That’s old here my local city had its 100th anniversary only recently ) To cap it all its described as requiring the correct handyman to appreciate and love it.

There  we have it a lost cause a project so beyond reason. I have not slept for a week we have an opportunity to have an Architectural Salvage business in the 69′ barn together with what my daughter is describing as ornamental pigs an old garage big enough for an Art Gallery and restoration shop and arable for heritage vegetables room for greenhouses . A local hops grows here in the summer I could make Bitter, enough room for Nov 5th, Dogs hunting variety, Partridge , Grouse, Pheasant and Ptarmigan. And a whole period Farmhouse to re-finish in traditional methods and fill full of period pieces of course I would pretend it was older and I could invite the people who care about me over to stay for ever. SO IF YOU HAVE $399,900 spare and would like to undertake this special journey with me drop me a line and lets talk, maybe you could annoy your wife and kids too.



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