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Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 1)

Jasper 2012 (a slight return pt 1)

Well its that time of year again, The camp sites have been booked with Parks Canada and we are off to Jasper in Early and Late July. The format has changed this year it will be our last mandatory Tribe outing. Last year in need of R&R and peace for my journey I booked time away for myself. I begged  (well asked nicely if anyone would like to accompany me )no one was terribly enthusiastic to come with me. My better half was hosting her sister and a trip to Ft McMurray. and my son wanted to stay attached to his computer.  It turned out my daughter really wanted to come and look after me to make sure I did not get lost ( which can easily be done if you stop paying attention ) apparently I would be missed @ home. What started as Me my Camera and the Vango turned into one of the greatest unexpected  experiences of a Fathers journey.



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